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Welcome to the Girl Guides of Canada, Ontario Council Safe Guide Forms submission site ... My Safe Guide Place! (powered by Fluid Review)

My Safe Guide Place is for Guiders in Ontario and Nunavut to submit yellow, red, or international trips under 72 hours for approval. Please note at this time due to COVID-19, only yellow files for single unit activities are being accepted. 

At this time as all currently scheduled trips, events, and camps are cancelled until the end of 2020. For updated information, follow this link:

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National website - Safe Guide
National website - Safe Guide Forms
Ontario website – Safe Guide Forms & Retention
Ontario website – template SG.1 and SG.4 forms for Ontario properties
My Safe Guide Place User Manual

Remember! You should be adhering to the following timelines for these activities:
  • Yellow – submit at least 14 days prior to your activity
  • Red/international under 72 hours – submit at least 21 days prior to your activity. These are not being accepted at this time.
Ready to submit your activity?


When submitting your file, ensure you have the following ready:
  • Information to complete the SG.3 Activity Notification or Authorization
    • Once logged into the system, you will complete an online version of this form
    • Should you need to reference the paper form click here.
  • Completed SG.1 Activity Plan  to be saved as a pdf file and uploaded into My Safe Guide Place
  • Completed SG.4 Emergency Response Plan to be saved as a pdf file and uploaded into My Safe Guide Place
You can upload any additional documents that are part of your activity submission, including any of the following:
  • First Aid Certification(s)
  • SG.5 Waiver (if adventure or conditional activity)
  • SG.6 Adventure Activity Trip Plan
  • SG.7 Third Party Service Provider Interview Checklist
  • WA.1 Water Activity Plan
  • Itinerary
  • Activity Facilitator Certification or Qualifications
  • Insurance Certificate for the TPSP and some Conditional

Questions about interpreting Safe Guide or about how to complete your forms should be directed to the Safe Guide Adviser at

Questions about how to use this site or the status of your forms should be directed to our event staff team member at 1-877-323-4545 ext. 2423 or   

If you wish to submit Safe Guide forms for any trip over 72 hours, see timelines on the IT. 1 - International Group Trip Planning Timeline form or contact for further assistance. At this time no Safe Guide forms for trips are being accepted.

Important Message regarding travel to the United States

Girl Guides of Canada will not be approving any new travel to the United States until further notice. This includes both day trips and longer excursions, as well as any travel with transit through a United States border crossing (i.e. a connecting flight through an American airport). For more information, please read the Girl Guides of Canada notice.
Email with any questions.